This is a person standing in front of a fireplace wearing a mask. she is pointing at her mask.The mask really accessorizes the outfit because masks are awesome.
Look how this mask really makes the outfit!

Masks are awesome!

After being required to wear a mask at work every day, I have concluded that masks are awesome. Initially, I hated wearing a mask, but I have since noticed the many benefits of covering my nose and mouth. Loren and I made a video talking about all of these reasons we could think of that masks are fantastic. I’m sure there are more. You can watch it below! Also… click on the circle and subscribe to my new channel so that I can stop crying at night about not having any subscribers. Thanks.

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1. Masks are the perfect nose warmer.

I had already designed my own nose warmer because this has been a problem for me every winter. I made it myself with a sock and a headband. I know, brilliant, right?! You know you have always wanted one.

This is a picture of a girl in a homemade nose warmer. A sock has been cut and sewn to an elastic which is wrapped around her head. her hair is sticking up all over the place. This is meant to show that masks are more awesome than nose warmers.
Nose warmers are so hot right now! (I’m not angry, I’m just serious about my nose warmer)

My nose warming experience with my awesome mask

I was all ready to make my millions selling my nose sock when one freezing morning at work disrupted my plans. As the cold came into the office through the open door, my toes and hands were frozen, but my nose was not. My nose was still toasty warm. You guys, I have never had this happen before! The mask is a better nose warmer than my actual nose warmer. (I’m starting to think there may be a flaw in my design) The warmth of my breath helped to keep my nose at the perfect temperature. At this moment, I began to think about all the other ways in which masks are awesome.

2. Masks are the perfect odor shield

Many years ago, I worked with the most incredible little girl. The job required me to get up in her face all close. At the time, I would stop on my way to work and grab a cup of coffee. This poor child had to smell my breath right up in her face. If I had a mask on back then, it would have shielded her from the horror of having to smell my death breath every day.

On a happier note, I did talk to this girl recently, some fifteen years later, and she is now a wonderful woman. She confessed to me that every time she smells coffee breath, she remembers me and loves it. I only wish I would have given her the memory of mint or vanilla or cinnamon. Anything would be less gross than the coffee breath. Sorry, friend! You were a trooper. A mask would have saved me from the “Every time I smell coffee breath I think of you” that is now out in the world.

3. Masks cover up a messy face

The other day I shoved a piece of chocolate in my mouth the moment before someone came up to the desk. They could not see the chocolate that was smeared all over my mouth. At the time, I thought to myself, “Masks are so great!”

4. You can enjoy your delicious breath for longer in a mask

On the flip side of the coffee breath fiasco, is the chocolate breath deliciousness. I enjoyed that chocolate smell that was on my face for an hour!

5. You can make a statement with your mask

Do you have a favorite sports team? Are you a teacher? Do you only wear plaid? You can let the world know by sporting a mask that makes a statement.

6. Anyone could be a celebrity in disguise… you just don’t know

We went hiking, and I had on a hat, sunglasses, and a mask. I looked at my reflection and thought, “There is no way to identify me right now. I’m in a perfect disguise. Therefore, celebrities must be loving this.” Now I am convinced that celebrities are out in full force, just enjoying life. That is why so many of them are encouraging mask-wearing. Sure, they want to stop the global pandemic, but they also want to walk without the paparazzi chasing them down. Literally, anyone could be a celebrity right now. I’m just glad they want to walk their dogs with commoners like me.

This is a person showing how masks are awesome for celebrities. She has on a hat, glasses, and a mask. There is no way of knowing who she is.
This is probably a celebrity. There’s really no way of knowing.

7. You can bling up your mask

A friend of mine made me a beautiful mask holder that goes around my neck like the “old lady glasses” holder I have always wanted. Now, thanks to the mask, I can have that while I still have my eyesight. Consequently, Who would have imagined 2020 could get as wonderful as this?

8. A mask will shield half of your face from mosquitos

If a mosquito wanted to bite my cheek, well, the joke’s on him! There is a mask there!

9. The mask keeps the wind off of my lips

I don’t worry anymore about the wind blowing and drying out my lips; I have a perfect shield. No chapped lips for me while I’m sitting at my desk in my mask all day.

10. I only have to put on make up above my nose

I literally only have to put makeup on my eyebrows and my eyes—no lipstick for me. Getting ready is a sinch.

11. I only need sunscreen on half of my face

If I have a mask on to shield me from the sun, my nose is well protected. Safely first on so many levels.

12. A mask saves time

See # 10 and #11

13. A mask saves money

See #10. Half the make up means half the money… or at least less of the money.

14. You can make faces under your mask

I don’t recommend this, because I think people should always be kind. However, if you need to stick your tongue out at someone to get your aggression out, you have the freedom to do this in a mask without having them want to punch you in the face. That is if your eyes don’t show your rage. I’d be cautious about this one.

15. Spare golf tees

This one may seem a little bizarre, but my husband literally pulled two golf tees from his mask. I have no idea where they came from, but I saw it happen. It’s in the video above if you skipped right past it.

16. They can keep others from getting sick

Now this one might just blow your mind!

If you are sick, even if you don’t know it, a mask can help stop that sickness from spreading. Hear me out! Imagine I’m ill and I’m a “say it don’t spray it” kind of friend. In my passionate storytelling, I might accidentally spray my sick germs all over your face. Then my sickness can get into your eyes, nose, and mouth. I know, gross. Sorry about that. But, if I am wearing a mask, those spit droplets will get trapped in there. They will stay all over my face and leave you the heck alone! for more information on this, you can read what the CDC says about How to Protect Yourself and Others.

Wow! Masks really are amazing!

Have you discovered any interesting benefits to wearing a mask? I’d love to know. Leave me a comment. I’m trying to keep things positive here regarding masks and I can use all the help I can get.

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  1. For the last three weeks, they have kept most of the dust and dirt out and also kept some of the smells out. It didn’t keep me from getting dust/dirt in my eye causing an infection. (We got face shields after that.) Anyway, I have been very happy we bought a case of disposable masks before tackling the horrible mess we’ve been dealing with. HOORAY FOR MASKS!

  2. Rachel Connett Reply

    BEST video ever!! I was totally thinking about how cozy my face felt this morning while the rest of me was freezing!

  3. I love the positive spin you put on all these things that don’t actually happen for me. 🙂 My breath and the mask don’t stay fresh for long. I completely agree on the mask covering up something you don’t want the world to see and I do wear less makeup. More than anything, this post demonstrates that it is all about how you view it.

    • Thanks, Adriane,
      With the world being so negative and divided right now, I’m trying hard to see the positive.

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