Usually, Facebook does a fantastic job of anticipating my needs. I have begun to count on it to tell me what I need at any given moment. Facebook knows me better than I know myself, I’m convinced of that. Around this time of year, funny Christmas gift ideas for my family begin to pop up. Several of my favorite gifts last year were purchased because of Facebook ads. Thus, proving the algorithm’s accuracy. While others fight privacy issues, I have decided to embrace them.

Since I started blogging a couple of months ago, the only ads I currently get have to do with blogging. This year it looks like everyone in my family might be getting blogging courses… or else I need to figure this out on my own. Dang it! I’m going to reflect on the year’s past for some ideas.

Here are six funny Christmas gift ideas that Facebook knew I needed

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1. Women’s Urination Device– the perfect funny Christmas gift idea

Since Facebook has stopped anticipating all of my non-blogging needs, I feel like I am missing out. I mean, last year, Facebook told me that I needed a women’s urination device. I laughed and thought it was ridiculous. Strangely, at the end of summer, we went to Yellowstone and the Tetons. I didn’t realize how much I wanted to be able to pee standing up in the woods. I’m not going to tell you why, but I now know that I need one. How did Facebook know I was going to need that? This thing is seriously a perfect stocking stuffer for me… or a white elephant gift. Either way, I need it, and someone you love probably does too!

2. Custom Face Socks

Another thing that Facebook told me I needed was these personalized socks with my face on them. Actually, I really think all of my friends might need socks with my face on them. Similarly, I definitely need socks with all of my friends’ faces on them. If you are my friend, this is a perfect gift to get for me. If I had socks with your face not them, I would wear them all the time! I think that’s one of the signs that you have “made it” in life. If you have a pair of these socks with a different friend’s face on it for every day of the week, you have surely arrived. You can order them from this link here.

3. Picture Frame Ornaments

These picture frame ornaments were recommended as well. It’s funny that so many things have to do with pictures of me, but I can’t take a selfie to save my life. My face does weird things every time I point the camera at myself. I’m not sure what happens to my smile, but it goes all wonky. Maybe I am supposed to get these to show off my selfie faces! My brother is totally getting a selfie Christmas ornament this year! Everyone else will get pictures of the kids.

Now imagine those ornaments with these faces! Perfect funny Christmas gift idea!

These are two silly pictures for funny Christmas gift ideas with a photo ornament. The text on the first one reads "The four chins selfie" Then text on the second image reads "The I feel awkward so I automatically make a silly face selfie"
These ones are embarrassing
Two more terrible selfies for the funny Christmas gift idea. The text on the first one reads "The weirs smile, face too close to the camera selfie" the second one reads "The I'm trying to keep my eyes open selfie"
As you can see… I could use some training on this

My brother will love it! “Call your sister!” will be written on the back like every other gift I have given him in the past 10 years.

Hopefully, Facebook will be advertising the “How to take a selfie for bloggers” course to me very soon. I would happily receive that as a funny Christmas gift idea.

4. Custom Personalized Coffee Mug

Facebook nailed it with this custom personalized coffee mug. I got sucked in and purchased it for a dear friend. Sometimes she sends me pictures while she is enjoying her morning coffee out of my face. It isn’t easy to live far away from many of my friends and family. However, knowing she is enjoying a hot beverage out of my face makes it a little bit better. As expected, it had a terrible selfie on it, but she gets to see my big ol’ mug on a mug every time she uses it. Ha Ha! My mug on a mug. Brilliant!

5. Poo-Pourri for a funny Christmas gift idea that is also useful

Poo-Pourri is an item that I have purchased for myself and others on numerous occasions. It makes a great stocking stuffer. At church, we ensure Poo-Pourri is available during our Women’s Retreat and I highly recommend you take some with you if you plan to go on a Disney Cruise. Pretty much anywhere you don’t want people to know that your poop stinks, you will need this. It totally works. My poop hasn’t been stinky in five years, thanks to Poo-Pourri. (As a pastor’s wife, I need to be honest with you. My poop actually does stink sometimes. I can’t afford to use Poo-Pourri every time I take a dump or drop off the kids at the lake. However, if I could afford it, I would definitely use it, and my poop would no longer stink. Thank you for your time.)

6. Thunder Bunny Labs 50 States USA Photo Map

A map of the untied states with pictures in each state that has been visited.
Let it be known that Alaska is not an island off the coast of Arizona.

This was a funny Christmas gift idea in a funny, weird way instead of a funny, haha. And, it was a favorite Christmas gift of ours from last year. Creepily, Facebook was somehow able to predict the future. I bought it for our family, and oh, how we needed this is 2020. When our vacation to the Mexican Caribbean was canceled, we were excited to take a road trip to Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana so that we could put more pictures on our map, which hangs in our hallway. This gift gave us a new goal of filling the states with our pictures before the boys graduate high school. I see many trips in our future that we might not have considered otherwise. I can’t wait to find fun things to explore in each state and, more importantly, spend quality time with my family.

So there is my list of gifts advertised to me on Facebook. What is the funniest thing that has been advertised to you as Facebook invades every area of our lives? Let me know in the comments… I might need one too!

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  1. I actually really like a few of these ideas. They’re clever and witty and they’d definitely make my family and friends smile. I love that you got creative with this gift guide of sorts!

    • I love the things that Facebook thinks I need. It really makes me question myself a little. Why do they think I need that? lol

  2. Oh my goodness – you’re killing me. We all need laughter therapy – thank you for this post! I haven’t seen any funny ads in my feed lately and can’t remember the last one that had me rolling.

  3. I love the personalised socks! Perhaps I’ll put my dog’s face on it 😀 Thanks for this list!

  4. These are some really funny ideas. The faces on the socks are a great funny gift for a loved one. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

    • I love the socks too. I wish all of my socks had faces on them… or a picture of my dog. lol.

  5. Haha this is so true, sometimes I think Facebook knows me better than I know myself. It is always giving me new reccomendations for products to try out. I have to admit that women’s urination device looks pretty hilairous lol. It is not something that I had thought of before but there you go. You learn something new everyday!

  6. I love all of these! After a horrendous 2020, I could do with some of these funny gifts myself! The poo-pouri is hilarious!

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