Sometimes you need a little bit of mindless fun. In so doing you may even find silly things that wind up doing more for you than you expected. For me, one of those things is a show that originally aired in 2000. The show Gilmore Girls helped me through a difficult period of my life. It was a time where I was exhausted and felt like the only thing I had the emotional and mental energy for was to curl up in my bed late at night and watch a show. Thanks to Netflix, when things in life were feeling overwhelming, I could take a break from it all and imagine myself living in Stars Hallow. I don’t recommend spending all of your time watching TV. However, this was one time that I needed some Gilmore Girls self-care in my life.

The writing on Gilmore Girls is brilliant and witty, and I adore the relationships and dream of living in a town like Stars Hollow. Sometimes, I still use watching Gilmore Girls as self-care and love products that remind me of the show.

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Please Note: Gilmore Girls self-care is not a solution for depression

If you are really struggling with depression, and that is why you can’t get yourself out of bed, please get some professional help. Gilmore Girls will probably not be the solution. If your life is just in a bit of a crazy mode like mine was, and you feel like you don’t have any downtime, this might be perfect for you.

Although Gilmore Girls first aired over twenty years ago, people are still discovering it and falling in love with the show every day. Gilmore Girls is the story of a single mom raising her teenage daughter in the quirky town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. The mother-daughter relationships are relatable, and the love interests keep me hooked.

As I am on the “more seasoned” side of life, I find myself now relating to Lorelai’s story and being more interested in her and her love interests. Even though I always want to see Luke and Lorelai end up together, both Max and Chris have a special place in my heart. I love them all.

A picture of me in a Gilmore Girls shirt that says Lorelai Gilmore is my Spirit Animal. I got it in my Gilmore Girls self-care phase.
A friend found this for me at a thrift store. It’s one of my favorite shirts!

Lukes Diner

Back in 2016, right before the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Netflix turned coffee shops across the United States into Luke’s Diner for a day. I waited in a long line for my Luke’s coffee and had a blast. This was a lovely day of Gilmore Girls self-care for a friend and me. It also provided the coffee cup for our Gilmore Girls (Luke and Lorelai) Halloween costume that year.

Dressed as Luke and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls for Halloween. This was part of my 2016 Gilmore Girls self-care.
We dressed as Luke and Lorelei for Halloween.

If Luke’s Diner were a real place, I would probably go there every day. Someone, please open one for me! Until then, I need to imagine my own. Here is some Luke’s swag to help if you use Gilmore Girls as self-care too. It just brings me so much happiness!

Team Logan

Rory Gilmore has some love interests of her own on the show and I have always been partial to Logan. I’m guessing financial stability has become a much more attractive trait in my stage of life. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life had me yelling at Logan through the TV! That boy needs to get his act together! Here is some team Logan swag for all of your Gilmore Girls self-care needs.

Team Jess

Jess is more of the bad boy. Rory and Jess have such a sweet connection, and I am sure that I would have been rooting for him back when the show first aired. Here is some Team Jess swag if you prefer.

Team Dean

Dean was the perfect “First Love” for Rory. Their story is a lovely first relationship as she navigates dating and talking about it with her mom. I love how they can talk about such personal things and hope that my kids will feel as comfortable with their dad and me as Rory does with her mom. I have not found as much “Team Dean” swag, but here are a couple of things.

Miscelaneous Gilmore SWAG

I really dream of living in a place like Stars Hollow… although my town is actually pretty quirky as well. I want to organize town meetings and find a town troubadour, but we do have a guy who plays bagpipes from time to time. Stars Hollow doesn’t have that! Here is some miscellaneous swag for any and all of your Gilmore Girls self-care needs.

No more Gilmore Girls Self-Care? Did you finish the series?

Are you in mourning over finishing the series? When Gilmore Girls ended, I felt like I was literally mourning a relationship (Yes… I have issues). While they are not the same, I did fall in love with the town of Bluebell, Alabama in Hart of Dixie. There were definitely some similarities in the town and quirky characters, although the storyline is completely different.

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As an overwhelmed Mom, Pastor’s wife, and teacher, Gilmore Girls was a welcome momentary distraction. I’m happy to say that I am in a much better place now, but I will forever be fond of the time I spent with the town of Stars Hollow.

What weird things have you done for self-care when it seems impossible to find the time for yourself… especially when you have young kids? Leave a comment and let me know.

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  1. I just watched the whole series for the first time at the end of 2020! It definitely helped me get through spending the strange holiday season of 2020.

  2. Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite shows! I’ve rewatched it so many times. It’s so special to me.

  3. Full confession- I’ve never watched GG but I have seriously contemplated it a few different times. I think you have me convinced that this is something I need to do!

  4. This is a cute & fun example of how a little screen time can bring us comfort. I was drawn to GG whenever it was on TV. I find myself drawn to the Masked Singer, too, because I like to see the face behind the hidden talent 🙂

    • Carrie

      I need to watch that one… I’ve heard great things about it.

  5. Wow! I absolutely love this post! Gilmore girls is one of my favourite shows!! Thanks so much for sharing?

  6. This is such a cute post. Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite TV show! I’ve probably watched it 10 times over the years. It’s definitely a mechanism to take your mind out of reality and enjoy the mindlessness of a great TV show! I only wish the Gilmore Girls revival was longer!

  7. Samantha Balkaran

    LOVEEE Gilmore girls! It’s my comfort show and has truly helped me out of anxious moments and grounded me back!! Love this post!

  8. This brought back memories of binge watching every episode and crying over things that did not even relate to me! I love this post!

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