Recently, I broke my hand and was stuck in a cast for over a month. It was the silliest thing… I wasn’t doing anything dangerous or adventurous; I was literally walking down the street. “Briskly” walking is the term I like to use, so it doesn’t sound so dumb. However, it really was that dumb. I hit the edge of the sidewalk, rolled my ankle, and went down hard, bracing my fall with my hand and falling right on my face. Apparently, I’m now at an age where I fall and break bones. Fortunately, it also helped me remember something amazing! I have a food processor!

The worst part about this whole thing was that when I fell on my face and got up holding my wrist, the friend I was with DID NOT EVEN LAUGH! At that point, I knew it was bad… really bad.

I Tried to Walk It Off

We were on a walk because I was trying to get rid of “The Quarantine 15” (It is totally a thing). I may or may not have eaten only cookies for the first three months of the pandemic… and as it turns out, those calories add up. Two days before my fall, I realized that I weighed more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant, and It really freaked me out. I decided to begin eating healthy and become an exercising machine (Hence the “brisk” walk).

You can’t even tell that I might look like a monster under this mask!

I went to work the next day and have never been more thankful for masks. My face was still swollen and turning black and blue. I attempted to do everything required… but typing and opening doors hurt like crazy! After work, I went home for our traditional “pizza/movie” night with the kids and then headed over to Instacare for a quick x-ray.

Just a typical Friday night, right?

Guess What? It’s broken!

I was not expecting it to be broken. I still think I am young and have strong bones!

Turns Out You Need Your Dominant Hand

It turns out that I use my right hand for EVERYTHING. I couldn’t even button my pants. I wore dresses and leggings for a month! (This was actually quite comfy! I highly recommend it). Going to the bathroom was a chore. It felt close to impossible to pull my pants up. Shoes were another challenge; I had to wear slip-ons on my feet every day.

Also… have you ever tried to type with only your non-dominant hand? It’s exhausting.

And Then I Tried to Food Prep

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One essential step to getting healthier was to stop eating cookies all day. In order to do that, I had planned to prepare healthy snacks and meals. An important step in that process is chopping vegetables. I don’t know about you, but I am not awesome at chopping veggies with my left hand. It was kind of humorous. I pulled out all the stops (aka gadgets that I own, but never use). Thanks to my broken hand, I’m pretty sure I will never food prep the same.

When chopping veggies with my left hand did not go well, I had this faint memory of Loren carving our turkey with an electric knife.

Do we have an electric knife?

I checked the cupboard where I assumed said knife would be, and there it was… calling out to me, ready to make my life easier. And boy, was it ever fun! I’m actually a little surprised that I didn’t accidentally cut off a finger while chopping up bell peppers, but I did get it on video for all to enjoy.

While this seemed like the perfect solution, it might not be the most practical. Luckily discernment came when I started to chop the onion. Quickly realizing that It wasn’t going to end well, I racked my brain for a better solution.

On a side note… did you know that onion goggles are a thing? Well, they are, and they have changed my life! I don’t know what I ever did without them.

I Have a Food Processor

I asked Loren for a small food processor for years since several recipes I found called for one, and some things didn’t work quite right in my blender. For Christmas, a couple of years ago, my amazing husband came through. Only he didn’t get me a cute little mini food processor; he got me a large one with all the attachments.

Initially, I was super excited to receive this amazing kitchen gadget. I managed to clear a space in my cabinet for easy access to the food processor and all its glory. Unfortunately, there it sat… all alone for over 2 years.

Look at this BEAST! I’m in love with my Cuisinart Food Processor!

Time to Break Out My Food Processor

The reason I haven’t really used it was because it looks pretty intimidating. This particular food processor has a plethora of attachments and blades. I had no clue what to use them for, but on this day, I was desperate. Thus, I decided to use the basic S-blade and attempt to cut up my onions.

Before beginning, I meticulously put a bag over my hand to protect it after realizing that if onion juice gets on my cast, it will be stinky for weeks to come. Onion stink is the worst! Therefore, shielding myself and others from this happening was a top priority.

What? Why haven’t I been using this every day?

You guys… this thing is amazing! How have I had this for 2 years and still cut onions with a knife? Consequently, I can cut onions in chunks, dice them, and even make them almost like a liquid, so my kids don’t know they are in the food at all. This all happens with minimal effort on my part. The votes are in, and my food processor is now my most important asset for effective food prep.

On a side note, I bet this thing can help me make some really good cookies!

What are your favorite small appliances? Please leave them in the comments… I want to try them all!

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  1. I am in love with my air fryer! It is quick and fast and browns and crisps without frying. I also have a SMALL (about 2 quarts) cock pot. The big one is too large and takes too long. I haven’t used my food processor for quite a while–but it does work well for cookies!

    • Oh… I really want an air fryer. Imagine how many healthy things I will be able to make with that. Can an air fryer make cookies? lol.

  2. Jojo Reyes Jr Reply

    Looks like a good food processor you got there. It’s a nice investment to have one.

    • I can’t wait to figure out more things to use it for. It’s worth it for just the onions!

  3. I love love love my food processor. I didn’t even want one until we had it. I will never live without it again.

    • It is worth it for the onions alone! I also made healthy cookies with it. This thing is totally going to help me lose weight. lol

  4. That picture of you with the onion goggles and the electric knife was so cute! That being said, do sorry you had to go through that (broken bone), hopefully you feel better now!

  5. I hope you are fine now, love to read your article, you explained your broken bone in such a way optimistic way,although broken hand is such a great distress but you just don’t let it become your weakness, instead you find way to do everyday things for you. More power to you.

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