And become a freaking domestic goddess!

Is there a male equivalent to a domestic goddess? I firmly believe that men should rock this skill as well.

I have had a breakthrough. I think I might finally be domesticated! (Is that a thing for people or just animals?) Either way, something has changed in me. It all started with making my bed every day. The problem arose when I would wash my sheets. I would wash them and put them right back on because I couldn’t figure out how to fold the stinking fitted sheet! Well, guess what? I have finally arrived.

Arrived Where You Ask… Fitted Sheetsville Y’all!

holding a fitted sheet in a pillowcase because they are so hard to fold
My old method of folding fitted sheets

After years of trying and failing, I finally learned an easy and straightforward way to fold a fitted sheet. These things have been my nemesis for years. This newly acquired skill is giving me street cred with all of my friends. I told some of the girls at work that I learned how to do this, and I even made a video, and they said, “SEND US THAT VIDEO!”

Okay. So, my friends may not have YELLED it at me, but there was a definite tone of respect and excitement in their voices. That’s when I knew that I was not the last person left in the world who didn’t know how to fold a fitted sheet! I feel like it is my duty to teach the world. With these mad folding skills comes great responsibility.

It is my duty to share this with the world

I am excited to share this new talent with the world because my old method was terrible and would wind up in a wrinkly ball. I had watched enough videos of people folding sheets to know that you are supposed to put your hands into two of the corners and bring them together. That part I had down. I could do that step 100% of the time. After that, things got dicey, and I usually ended up just balling it up and stuffing it in the pillowcase that came with the sheet set. I’d also put the flat sheet in with it. I used to call it the “sheet holder.” It was convenient because it kept the sheet set together nicely. This “sheet holder” method was my preferred method for years.

Now that I have figured this out, I will try to break down the steps as simply as possible. I’m doing this both on video and in writing because I can’t tell you how many videos I watched of people saying how easy it is… and I still ended up with a big wad of sheet!

Now grab a fitted sheet, and let’s get started! There is a video at the end if you are still unsure, but I have faith in you.

Step 1: Turn the sheet inside out

An inside out sheet with the tag sticking out. An arrow pointing to the tag says This tag means you did it right.

You will begin with the sheet turned inside out so that the seams are on the outside. If you are lucky, there will be a tag sticking out. That way, you will know for sure that it is facing the right way… the wrong side out.

Step 2: Put your hands in two corners on the long side of the sheet

Find the long side of the sheet and put your hands into both of the corners. They make nice little pockets that just cradle your hands. It’s like they were made to fit your hand in there. This is why I’ve always nailed it when it came to this step.

Step 3: Clap your hands together and put right over left

Now put your arms out into a T shape and then, while keeping your arms straight (do not bend them. I know you want to, but don’t. You might ruin it before it even gets to the hard part!) Now Clap your hands together.

Now, this is where it gets tricky. Stick with me here!

folding the right side over the left while folding a fitted sheet.

You are going to fold the right side over the left side. It will fit nicely over it. Then, immediately it will feel like you messed something up. Don’t worry; you probably didn’t… unless you did. We’ll be able to tell in a minute.

Step 4: Switch hands to straighten everything out and put your left hand in that corner

step 1, 2, 3 showing someone switching the right hand with the left hand while folding the fitted sheet.

Take your right hand, put it where your left hand is, and use your left hand to straighten out the sheet. You will tuck the bottom inside itself as well. Next, put your left hand into the corner that you just fixed. Your hands are now on the shorter side of the sheet. It will begin to look like a rectangle.

Step 5: Repeat step 3 on the short side

Now, on the short side, you are going to do the same thing. You will straighten your arms again, but depending on your wingspan, you might not be able to straighten them all the way.

***On a side note, my husband has a freakishly long wingspan. He claims it is because he drank coffee as a child, and it stunted his growth. He insists that if you are judging by his wingspan, he should be 6 feet tall. Instead, he is only 5’7″.

Now again, you will clap them together. Again, you will take the right corner and flip it over the left corner.

This time use your right hand to straighten it out.

When you complete this step and straighten it out, it will be a rectangle again.

After the fitted sheet has had the corners put together and right over left again, it looks like a rectangle.

Step 6: Move your sheet to a flat surface

At this point you will want to lay it on the floor, table, or other flat surface.

the almost folded fitted sheet has been moved to a flat surface.

Now I like to fold it into thirds the long way and then the other way.

folding the fitted sheet on the ground into thirds
fold the fitted sheet into thirds again

Step 7: Celebrate because you have conquered the nemesis of folding the fitted sheet

A proud looking woman who just figured out how to fold a fitted sheet.

If the pictures weren’t clear enough, below is a video demonstration to walk you through. In case you can’t tell… I’m pretty excited about this new skill. I feel so legit right now! Watch the video… if my Jr. High age boys can do it, so can you. Go ahead and subscribe to my channel while you are at it.

Now that you have accomplished this difficult task, it would be appropriate to perform a Fortnite emote or other dance of celebration. Maybe even crack open a bottle of champaign if that’s your thing or a celebratory diet fountain drink… That is usually my beverage of choice.

If you were able to fold a fitted sheet for the first time, please let me know in the comments to celebrate it with you. You are a big deal now, and I’m a great cheerleader!

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  1. A friend taught me to do this shortly after I was marrief. Your uncle is not allowed to fold the sheets. He uses the bear method. I am going to force him to watch your video! Hugs. ❤

    • I feel like he should be really good at this! He’s might even come up with a better way. lol

  2. Lucy Collins Reply

    That is a perfect folded sheet! And I cannot take credit for teaching you how to do it, because i learned at my old age. plus I didn’t have as much fun as you seem to have while trying to win the battle against the sheets !
    I am proud of you, I love you!

    • I wish I was close enough for you to teach me. Luckily… my brain has room to learn new things again! Love you!

  3. I worked at a bed & breakfast in my college town and was taught how to fold the fitted sheets. Also how to make the bed with perfect corners. Lessons well learned and passed on to my kids!

    • Hi Charlene,
      I would love to learn to make a bed with perfect corners. Right now I’m just focused on getting it done. One day I hope to reach that level of domestication (I like that word. lol). 🙂

  4. I am hoping after some practice I will be able to master this! It sure looks much nice than the rolled up balls that mine are currently in lol

    • It’s the switch of the hands. lol. I feel like it is a bit like a magic trick. I taught my 13-year-old neighbor how to do it today! Our power is out and they had no internet! lol. It’s amazing what you can accomplish without distractions.:)

    • Erin,
      I love that description! I feel like it is a little bit of a magic trick. Things like this don’t come naturally to me, so if I can make it exciting, it’s even better! It’s a sleight of hand.. lol.

  5. Wow, this looks incredible but somehow I think i would get lost somewhere in the middle. I will try though!

    • Gillian, give it a try. Things like this have never come naturally to me, so I see it as a huge accomplishment. I keep laughing about how proud of myself I am. 🙂

  6. This is magic! Haha and your happiness in the photos makes me want to go try it right now!

    • Haha! I am seriously so excited and so proud of myself! Try it… hopefully, it will bring you as much joy and sense of accomplishment as it brought me!

  7. Girl !!!!! Let me scream it from the roof tops. You have changed my life!!!!!! I loved your step by step approach especially the 1,2,3 in step 4. Made it super easy. I’ll be sharing this with all my girlfriends
    Cheers !

    • This makes me so happy! I am celebrating with you, friend!!! This was almost my exact reaction when I figured out the darn sheet, and I’m so glad that I could pay it forward. 🙂

  8. This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this. I am seriously fitted sheet challenged. Can’t wait to try this!

  9. I always just make my bed right away after washing sheets to avoid the fitted sheet folding fiasco, too!! I will be giving this a try. 😉

    • Nicole, I feel like I can accomplish anything now, lol. I can’t wait to hear about your successful fitted sheet folding adventure!

  10. Okay…life changing!!!! I definitely didn’t do it right, BUT it’s WAAAAAY better than the messy ball I used to produce! Thanks friend!

  11. What a coincidence! I stumbled upon this article right after I cleaned and folded my sheets haha. Anyway, thanks for the folding tips! I should try this next time.

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